• Wärtsilä’s sustainable development is based on economic, environmental and social performance.
  • Environmentally sound solutions are our key contribution to sustainable development.
  • Wärtsilä is committed to supporting the UN Global Compact.
  • Wärtsilä is included in several sustainability indices and is the only company in its sector to be included in both the Ethibel Pioneer and the Ethibel Excellence Investment Registers.
Added value to Wärtsilä's stakeholders
MEUR   2011 2010
Customers Net sales 4 209 4 553
Suppliers Cost of goods, materials and services purchased -2 694 -2 927
  Value added 1 514 1 626
Distribution of value added Distributed to stakeholders    
Employees Wages and salaries 770 773
Public sector Taxes and social dues 323 326
Creditors Net financial items 16 13
Shareholder Dividends 178 271
Communities Donations given 1 1
For business development   228 242
Personnel in figures 2011
Number of employees at 31 Dec. 2011   17 913
Number of nationalities   114
Change in number of employees (net employment creation)   -191
Average age of employees years 38.8
Male/female ratio % 86/14
Executive positions globally: male/female ratio % 90/10
Employee turnover (resigned) % 8.6
Total payroll costs MEUR 770
Aggregate coverage of different bonus schemes % 60
Development discussions held annually % 89

“Our most important role in sustainability is to supply environmentally sound solutions and services, which enable our customers to develop their business in a sustainable way. This requires us to continuously invest in technology development and in an ongoing search for new solutions.”

- Marko Vainikka, Director, Sustainability

“Wärtsilä’s Board of Management has the overall responsibility for sustainability performance. It defines the sustainability targets and monitors performance against these set targets.”

- Kari Hietanen, Group Vice President, Corporate Relations and Legal

“Our aim is to have energetic, competent and motivated personnel with exciting and meaningful jobs and career opportunities led by excellent leaders. Wärtsilä’s corporate policy on equal opportunities and fair employment practices creates a common framework for employee practices in all Wärtsilä companies.”

- Päivi Castrén, Group Vice President, Human Resources

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