Wärtsilä’s social targets

Target Schedule Status
To make Wärtsilä a workplace where all employees have a the opportunity to show their best and develop their career – To build a company of equal opportunities

- Target 2012: More than 50% of the open vacancies* filled from internal applicant pool including promotions and lateral moves

- Target 2012: An average 5 training days/employee per year

continuous New target: the first status review in 2012
To develop a new way of working in supplier relations, safeguarding Wärtsilä’s sustainability commitment

- Target 2012: Implementation of revised model for supplier assessment and development

2015 New target: the first status review in 2012
Development discussion coverage 100% continuous In 2011, the coverage was 89%.
To implement certified EHS management systems implemented in all subsidiaries (excluding purely sales offices) continuous 5 new OHSAS 18001 certified companies during 2011. The management system coverage is presented in the management system section.
To reach the long-term goal for zero lost time injuries continuous In 2011, Wärtsilä continued the strong efforts to improve, consolidate and spread the safety culture. Wärtsilä issued a “Safety Starts with you” video in 12 languages, and a global safety handbook was distributed to Wärtsilä companies. The positive trend continued, the lost-time injury frequency rate was 6.3 compared to the previous year's 7.8.
To ensure Code of Conduct commitment throughout the organisation

- Target 2012-2013: 95% coverage of participation in Code of Conduct learning module

2013 New target: the first status review in 2012
To reinforce the Anti-corruption/broker training of key employee groups and obtaining anti-corruption commitments from all key employees trained

- Target 2012: To identify the key employees (all sales personnel, company presidents and controllers) to be included in the training by each business.

- Target 2013: Training of key employees to achieve 85% completion rate.

- Target 2014: Training of key employees to achieve 95% completion rate.

2014 New target: the first status review in 2012
To conduct three community support projects by 2015. 2015 New target: the first status review in 2012.
To improve well-being at work and increase productivity by reducing the sickness day cost.

- Target 2012: To conduct in Germany, Finland, Spain, Norway and Italy analysis and action plans for improvement.

2015 New target: the first status review in 2012.
*Open vacancies in job levels 3-6  
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