Wärtsilä aims to be the leader in complete lifecycle power solutions for the global marine markets and selected energy markets worldwide. We see growth opportunities in gas power plants as part of our Smart Power Generation concept, as well as in gas-fuelled engines and related systems for the marine market. We also seek growth in environmental solutions, including scrubbers and ballast water treatment systems. Our strengths are our technological leadership, an integrated product and service offering, our close and long-standing customer relationships, and our unparalleled global presence. Our production and supply chain management serves both our end markets, and we constantly seek ways to maintain cost efficiency and high quality – often in co-operation with leading industrial partners in our key growth markets. Our R&D provides another source of synergies, allowing us to stay at the forefront of technology and innovation in our industry.

We are determined to capture growth opportunities within our end markets, while maintaining a solid profitability.

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