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Message to the shareholders Remove
This is Wärtsilä Remove
Businesses in brief Remove
Operating environment Remove
Corporate strategy Remove
Sustainability Remove
Financial targets Remove
2011 in brief Remove
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Power Plants review Remove
Operating environment Remove
Power Plants market development Remove
Strategy Remove
Power Plants and sustainability Remove
Ship Power review Remove
Operating environment Remove
Ship Power market development Remove
Strategy Remove
Ship Power and sustainability Remove
Services review Remove
Operating environment Remove
Services market development Remove
Strategy Remove
Services and sustainability Remove
Manufacturing review Remove
Strategy Remove
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Wärtsilä and sustainability Remove
Wärtsilä’s focus on sustainability Remove
Summary of key figures Remove
Sustainability performance management Remove
Code of conduct Remove
Management systems Remove
Product liability Remove
Supply chain management Remove
Stakeholder relations Remove
Channels of dialogue Remove
Activities in organisations Remove
Wärtsilä in sustainable development indices Remove
Recognitions Remove
Economic performance Remove
Customers Remove
Suppliers Remove
Employees Remove
Public sector Remove
Creditors and shareholders Remove
Community support Remove
Wärtsilä and emission trading Remove
Environmental performance Remove
Environmental targets Remove
Wärtsilä QHSE policy Remove
Solutions for GHG reduction Remove
Towards more sustainable solutions Remove
Legislation and initiatives Remove
Wärtsilä’s R&D focus Remove
Ensuring reliability and safety Remove
Improving efficiency Remove
Reducing sulphur dioxide emissions Remove
Reducing nitrogen oxide emissions Remove
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions Remove
Water solutions Remove
Creating new solutions Remove
Long-term research activities Remove
Collaboration with stakeholders Remove
The importance of understanding the lifecycle Remove
Summary of environmental aspects Remove
Environmental performance indicators Remove
Materials, energy and water Remove
Emissions and wastes Remove
Compliance with legislation Remove
Environmental costs and liabilities Remove
Personnel and social performance Remove
Social targets Remove
Personnel Remove
Employee practices Remove
Occupational health and safety Remove
Human rights Remove
Weak governance zone Remove
Security practices Remove
Impact on communities Remove
Suppliers Remove
Preventing corruption and bribery Remove
Political lobbying Remove
Competition regulation Remove
Product liability Remove
Customer satisfaction Remove
Our figures Remove
Economic data Remove
Environmental data Remove
Social data Remove
Our reporting Remove
Reporting rules and principles Remove
Independent Assurance Report Remove
GRI and UNGC index Remove
Corporate governance
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Corporate governance Remove
Annual General Meeting Remove
Board of Directors Remove
Responsibilities Remove
Board of Directors CVs Remove
Board committees Remove
Board of Management Remove
President and CEO and EVP Remove
Board of Management CVs Remove
Other management Remove
Management teams Remove
Managing Directors of the subsidiaries Remove
Insider management Remove
Audit Remove
Internal control Remove
Values and control environment Remove
Control processes Remove
Guidelines and communication Remove
Monitoring Remove
Salary and remuneration report 2011 Remove
Risks and risk management Remove
Strategic risks Remove
Operational risks Remove
Hazard risks Remove
Financial risks Remove
Risk profiles & responsibilities Remove
Investor information
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Shares and shareholders Remove
The Wärtsilä share on the Helsinki Stock Exchange Remove
Shareholders Remove
Wärtsilä on the capital markets Remove
Analysts Remove
Information for shareholders Remove
Financial information 2012 Remove
Stock exchange releases 2011 Remove
Board of Directors' report
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Highlights of 2011 Remove
Strategy Remove
The year 2011 Remove
Market development Remove
Order intake and order book Remove
Net sales and profitability Remove
Balance sheet, financing and cash flow Remove
Capital expenditure Remove
Restructuring measures Remove
Manufacturing Remove
R&D, product launches Remove
Personnel Remove
Changes in management Remove
Sustainable development Remove
Shares and shareholders Remove
Decisions by the AGM Remove
Risks and uncertainties Remove
Market outlook Remove
Prospects for 2012 Remove
Dividend proposal Remove
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Five Years in Figures Remove
Calculation of Financial Ratios Remove
Consolidated Financial Statements Remove
Consolidated Statement of Income Remove
Consolidated Statement of Financial Position Remove
Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows Remove
Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity Remove
Accounting Principles for the Consolidated Accounts Remove
Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements Remove
1. Segment information Remove
2. Acquisitions and disposals Remove
3. Long-term construction contracts and long-term operating and maintenance agreements Remove
4. Other operating income Remove
5. Material and services Remove
6. Employee benefit expenses Remove
7. Depreciation, amortisation and impairment Remove
8. Financial income and expenses Remove
9. Income taxes Remove
10. Earnings per share Remove
11. Components of other comprehensive income Remove
12. Intangible assets Remove
13. Property, plant & equipment Remove
14. Investments in associates and joint ventures Remove
15. Financial assets available for sale Remove
16. Inventories Remove
17. Financial assets and liabilities by measurement category Remove
18. Other receivables Remove
19. Cash and cash equivalents Remove
20. Deferred taxes Remove
21. Pension obligations Remove
22. Share capital of the parent company Remove
23. Fair value reserve Remove
24. Provisions Remove
25. Financial liabilities Remove
26. Other liabilities Remove
27. Financial instruments Remove
28. Collateral, contingent liabilities and other commitments Remove
29. Related party disclosures Remove
30. Auditors' fees and services Remove
31. Exchange rates Remove
32. Subsidiaries Remove
33. Financial risks Remove
34. Events after the balance sheet date Remove
Parent Company Financial Statements Remove
Parent Company Income Statement Remove
Parent Company Balance Sheet Remove
Parent Company Cash Flow Statement Remove
Accounting Principles for the Parent Company Remove
Notes to the Parent Company Financial Statements Remove
Notes 1-2 Remove
Notes 3-4 Remove
Notes 5-6 Remove
Note 7 Remove
Notes 8-10 Remove
Note 11 Remove
Notes 12-14 Remove
Notes 15-17 Remove
Proposal of the Board Remove
Auditor's Report Remove
Quarterly Figures 2010-2011 Remove
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