Hazard risks

Occupational health and safety systems, travel safety instructions, and crises management guidelines are aimed at protecting Wärtsilä employees. Appropriate insurances are in place for the personnel, and to emphasise the importance of employee safety, Wärtsilä’s Board of Management has decided on a corporate level target for zero lost time injuries. A specific project has been established for this purpose, and the target is a part of the company’s sustainability programme.

Environmental management systems are in place to mitigate environmental hazard risks. Wärtsilä’s Real Estate unit maintains a register of all properties used and gives guidelines for the purchase, sale, rental and security of premises and uses external advisors for environmental audits.

None of Wärtsilä’s major production plants are situated in natural disaster areas. Catastrophic peril related scenarios are identified, and where necessary, exposures are mitigated by, for example, elevating sites above the flood risk level or by constructing flood dikes.

For Wärtsilä’s main production sites, business impact analyses have been conducted and continuity plans created to cover both property and business interruption risks.

The risks that Wärtsilä is unable to influence through its own efforts are transferred when possible to insurance companies. Wärtsilä uses appropriate insurance policies to cover indemnity risks related to its personnel, assets, business interruption, and third-party and product liability. Wärtsilä has established its own captive insurance company, Vulcan Insurance PCC Ltd, as a risk management tool.

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