Insider management

Wärtsilä complies with the legal provisions applying to the management of insiders, as well as the Guidelines for Insiders approved by NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Exchange for public listed companies and the stipulations and guidelines of the Finnish Financial Supervision Authority.

Wärtsilä's permanent insiders comprise the statutory insiders, i.e. the Board of Directors, the President & CEO, the Executive Vice President, the Principal Auditor, as well as the members of the Board of Management.

Certain members of the Corporate Management and other employees, as required by their duties, also belong to the company's own non-public insider register. When significant projects are at the preparation stage, the company also draws up insider registers for the projects concerned. Insiders are given written notification of their status as insiders as well as instructions on the obligations that apply to insiders.

The company’s insiders are not permitted to trade in the company's shares for 14 days (however Wärtsilä recommends 30 days) prior to publication of the interim reports or the annual financial statements bulletin.

Wärtsilä's insider register is maintained by the parent company's legal affairs function, which is responsible for keeping the information updated. Information on the interests and holdings of the company's permanent insiders and related parties is available on Wärtsilä's website.

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