Ship Power strategy

Wärtsilä Ship Power’s strategic goal is to be the leading solutions provider to the marine industry.

This will be achieved by:

  • establishing a clear leading position in solutions for gas fuelled vessels, environmental compliance and efficiency optimisation
  • maintaining our position as the shipbuilding industry’s leading system integrator
  • seeking further growth through co-operating with Services to offer lifecycle solutions for ship owners and operators

As a solution provider, we are ready to deliver everything from a single product to entire lifecycle support, from initial building to operational use, of complex systems powering ships. Wärtsilä Ship Power is uniquely positioned in having the only truly total marine offering in the industry. This offering includes ship design, engines, generating sets, reduction gears, propulsion equipment, automation and power distribution systems, sealing solutions, emission control and abatement systems, gas containment and handling systems, control and communications, and the strongest service network serving the shipping industry in the world. Our wide range of products is supported by world class ship design and engineering capabilities, allowing us to find solutions that optimise lifecycle value for our customers.

We identify important mid-term growth opportunities in solutions for gas fuelled vessels, environmental compliance, and efficiency optimisation. Wärtsilä is already well positioned in these areas, having the most extensive experience and track record in running gas engines, a unique portfolio of products for emissions control and abatement (including scrubbers, ballast water treatment systems, selective catalytic reduction, and more), and a holistic approach to efficiency optimisation through our engineering and ship design capabilities.

Wärtsilä Ship Power seeks organic growth that will be supported by acquisitions and partnerships. This growth will be achieved by expanding sales to ship owners and operators based on integrated lifecycle solutions where performance and availability are guaranteed. This expansion will be crafted hand in hand with Wärtsilä’s Services business. Maintaining our position as the shipbuilding industry’s leading system integrator and establishing a strong foothold as a system integrator in the offshore business will also be key components for growth. Finally, further investments in strengthening our presence and maximising the competitiveness of our products and sales processes are of utmost importance, especially in the key shipbuilding areas, such as the BRIC countries and South Korea.

Ship Power strengths

  • An unmatched track record in gas fuelled vessels with our dual-fuel technology
  • The broadest portfolio of reliable and high performing products and solutions in the marine industry supported by the strongest, global services network of the industry
  • A unique synergy between ship design and engineering capabilities allowing us to maximise efficiency over the lifecycle of the vessel
  • A strong presence in all major segments in the industry, allowing us to navigate ship building cycles
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