Services and sustainability

Environmental legislation and the need for energy efficiency are currently the main drivers for our customers’ actions towards developing their businesses in a more sustainable way. Wärtsilä Services strives to be a leader in supporting its customers’ efforts to meet and exceed the current and future business and sustainability demands. Through continuous innovation, we will continue to provide shipping companies and energy providers with environmentally sound solutions well into the future.

Wärtsilä Services conducts its business in a responsible way, and creates added value by providing services from locations in close proximity to its customers and through offering employment opportunities in local communities.

Solutions for the marine and power industry

Wärtsilä Services’ key role in sustainability is to provide a range of services that ensure reliable and optimised operational, environmental, and safety performance. Wärtsilä Services’ solutions enable the application of the latest technologies in operational power plants and ships, thereby allowing them to comply with new legislative requirements. A lifecycle optimised approach guides the creation of our solutions, which are developed in co-operation with the customer. The aim is to improve the economical and environmental performance of existing installations and to ensure their safety and reliability throughout the product's lifecycle.

Energy efficiency and maintenance

Climate change, the availability of liquid fuels and gas, and stricter environmental requirements all create opportunities for the Services business. We develop and provide services, such as upgrades, reconditioning, fuel conversions and retrofit solutions, that improve environmental performance, comply with stringent environmental legislation, and extend the operational lifetime of the application.

The good maintenance of equipment is a key factor in material effectiveness and energy efficiency. Wärtsilä’s proactive Dynamic Maintenance Planning (DMP) programme includes the planning and scheduling of engine maintenance based on the online monitoring of the mechanical condition, performance, system efficiency data, and other indicators from each engine. The data is collected and monitored daily, which enables fault sources to be identified before failure occurs.

Solutions for reducing emissions

We develop and supply a wide range of solutions that enable ships and power plants to comply with the prevailing environmental requirements. We offer solutions that reduce particulate matter, NOx, smoke, and SOx emissions. Furthermore, our solutions make it possible to modify or regulate most engines in order to conform to the strictest environmental requirements. This applies to plant upgrades with secondary emission control technologies, such as Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and SOx scrubbers, for power plant or marine applications.

Water treatment solutions

Wärtsilä designs, optimises and delivers a number of different solutions for common wastewater issues in land-based and marine installations. Our portfolio includes one of the most effective bilge or oily water treatment systems available, and it is currently being expanded to include a ballast water treatment system with similar characteristics.

Creating value for the future

We have established leading-edge technology expertise and are committed to environmental leadership. This expertise will be employed to improve existing solutions and to develop new solutions aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of operational power plants and ships. Beyond technology, we employ our know-how to advise customers regarding their operations.

Milestones reached during 2011
Maintenance support agreement with Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd This maintenance support agreement contains a wide range of services, including maintenance planning, spare parts logistics optimisation, the development and testing of engine components, fuel consumption optimisation, as well as an advisory service for overhauls and workshop services. In addition, the agreement incorporates the development and implementation of future remote engine monitoring systems and associated software.
Wärtsilä Marine SOx scrubber A turnkey installation of the first commercial full-size closed-loop scrubber was carried out on the vessel ‘Containerships VII’. With this scrubber installed, the customer will be able to continue to run on HFO and still fulfil the SECA requirements.
Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) The order and delivery of SCRs to two Finnish icebreakers in order to fulfil the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) emission requirements for operating in the Arctic Ocean. This opens up the possibility for the customer to operate in arctic areas in an environmentally sound manner.
Wärtsilä Oily Water Separator (OWS) Development of the Wärtsilä OWS 500 completes the family of precipitation based technology separators. Wärtsilä's OWS was the first on the market to achieve a 5 ppm type approval. The OWS 500 achieves the same high standard without any filter. All separators are also certified to comply with both the IMO and US Coast Guard rules.
Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) Wärtsilä’s BWT product portfolio has been extended to include unit capacities of 150, 250, 500, 1,250 and 1,500 m³/hr. Each discrete unit will be test validated separately to ensure the best compliance with IMO regulations.
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