Power Plants strategy

Our aim is to be a globally recognised leader in liquid fuel and gas power plants. We will promote Smart Power Generation to the increasingly dynamic and environmentally conscious energy market to enable more sustainable, affordable, and reliable power systems globally.

  • We will grow strongly in large gas power plant markets
  • We will maintain our leading position in HFO power plants
  • We will continuously develop our capabilities in power plants using renewables
  • We aim to become a recognised player in oil & gas and emergency power applications

Our target segments for power generation are: flexible baseload power, grid stability & peaking, and industrial self-generation. We also offer solutions for the oil & gas and nuclear industries. Our products are based on tried and tested concepts and deliver competitive costs, high efficiency, operational flexibility, low environmental impact, and fuel flexibility.

Our strategic goal is to grow in the large gas power plant market for utilities by influencing and actively developing selected target markets. We will demonstrate the superiority of our value proposition, which is based on the highest single-cycle efficiency and on unbeatable operational flexibility. Our goal is to maintain our leading position in heavy fuel oil fired power plants. This will be done by further enhancing our value proposition through guaranteed performance, high efficiency, and unique operational and fuel flexibility. We will also seek growth in field power, pumping, and compression applications in the oil & gas markets, as well as in emergency power applications for nuclear power plants. The capability of our engines to run on a wide range of fuels makes it possible for us to further grow in the market for power plants using renewable fuels. Our focus is on products and projects that provide unquestionable environmental benefits and that make economic sense.

Power Plants strengths

  • Unique operational and fuel flexibility
  • Energy efficiency and emissions compliance
  • Competitive capital cost and EPC capability
  • Global service organisation
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