Wärtsilä Power Plants

Wärtsilä Power Plants provides superior value to its customers by offering decentralised, flexible, efficient, and environmentally advanced energy solutions. Our tried and tested power plants are modular and are provided with full lifecycle support.

Our business is divided into four segments

Flexible baseload

Wärtsilä supplies flexible baseload power plants mainly to developing markets, islands, and remote locations. Energy consumption growth in these markets is driving a steadily increasing demand for new power generation solutions. Wärtsilä’s customers in this segment are mainly utilities and Independent Power Producers (IPP). Typical customer needs include competitive lifecycle costs, reliability, world-class product quality, fuel and operational flexibility, as well as operations & management services. Wärtsilä is in a strong position to cater to all these needs. Flexible baseload power plants are run on both liquid fuels and gas.

Grid stability and peaking

Wärtsilä’s grid stabilising power plants enable greater integration of renewables, such as wind, solar and hydro power. We offer dynamic solutions for systems support, reserve power, peaking needs, and to meet requirements in regions with rapidly growing wind power capacity. Customers in this segment are mainly utilities and IPP’s, as well as transmission system operators. The strengths of Wärtsilä’s products include their rapid start and ramp up, their ability to operate at varying loads, the competitive electricity generation and capacity costs, as well as 24/7 support service. These features are essential for successfully balancing systems that utilise solar and wind with constant variations in output. Grid stability and peaking plants are mainly fuelled by gas.

Industrial self-generation

Wärtsilä provides power plant solutions to industrial manufacturers of goods, such as cement, textiles and mining. These customers are mainly private companies, and reliability, reduced energy costs, and independence from the grid are among the key factors in their decision making. Power plants in this segment are run on either gas or liquid fuel, depending on fuel availability.

Solutions for the oil & gas and nuclear industries

Wärtsilä provides the oil and gas industry with engines for field power, gas compression stations and pumping stations. Typical customer needs include maximum running time, fuel flexibility, reliability, long-term engineering support, and 24/7 service. The solutions we offer can operate on natural gas, associated gas, crude oil and heavy fuel oil. Wärtsilä also provides emergency power applications for the nuclear industry.

Smart Power Generation

The quest for lower carbon emissions requires the installation of large quantities of renewable capacity, the variability of which creates major system balancing challenges. The current power generation capacity mix is not able to adapt to these challenges in an efficient way. What is needed is dynamic and flexible capacity for system balancing.

Wärtsilä has introduced the Smart Power Generation concept, which enables a global transition to a sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy infrastructure. Smart Power Generation can operate in multiple modes, from efficient base load power production to ultra fast dynamic system balancing. This concept offers flexibility in operation modes, dynamic features, high simple cycle energy efficiency, and a wide choice of fuels, which together form a unique combination of valuable features that bring benefits to both power systems and power producers.

Benefits to power systems:

Smart Power Generation secures the supply of affordable and sustainable power by enabling the highest penetration of wind and solar power capacity and by ensuring system stability in variable conditions and contingency situations. In so doing, it improves the efficiency of the system and reduces emissions, thereby optimising the overall operations of the power system. Finally, significant savings in grid investments can be attained since Smart Power Generation capacity can be installed in load pockets, thus shaving peaks in the load.

Benefits to power producers:

Smart Power Generation solutions operate in multiple markets, supplying power to energy markets and offering fast starting and stopping, as well as efficient  ramping capabilities to the ancillary services and capacity markets. These solutions provide high efficiency and dispatchability, enabling greater earnings potential. The energy efficiency of our plants is high in both single cycle and combined cycle modes, as well as in any ambient conditions and over a wide load range. Our power plants provide a continuous choice of various liquid, gaseous and renewable fuels, whichever is the most feasible. Most of our products have multi-fuel capabilities and all can be converted to run on another fuel.  Our power plants are dependable and can be constructed in multiple parallel generation units. The modular construction enables plants to be optimally located close to the end-user customers, as well as construction in phases, according to the customer’s needs. Further benefits of our power plants include our fast track delivery capabilities, as well as their competitive O&M costs.

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