Wärtsilä Industrial Operations strategy

Wärtsilä Industrial Operations' strategic goal is to provide market leading products from a broad product portfolio. Our products are suitable for integration into larger solutions or for use as ‘stand-alone' products, in order to serve a wide range of customer needs.

In our operations, we put a strong emphasis on the product development and product delivery processes with optimised end-to-end value streams. Operationally, our top priority is to secure deliveries as promised, according to the expected product quality, delivery accuracy, and cost.

Our product development activities focus on gas as a fuel, efficiency improvements, and environmental technologies. Special attention is paid to achieving competitive product cost, to reducing the total cost of ownership, and to providing high quality and reliable performance throughout operations.

Our delivery process focuses on assembly and testing, while aiming for maximum flexibility in our activities. Wärtsilä Industrial Operations will establish a strong supply management, manufacturing, and product engineering footprint close to our growth markets, while securing control over our core operations.

We will adapt our operating models to meet the specific requirements of these markets, often in co-operation with leading local industrial partners.

Through our people we build a strong performance culture, which is the basis of our success.

WIO strengths

  • Innovation in products and processes
  • A broad portfolio with best practice design
  • Manufacturing and selected engineering activities close to the main markets
  • Continuous improvement of the product development and product delivery processes

Our competitive product portfolio consists of products related to medium-speed engines, low-speed engines, propulsion equipment, electrical & automation equipment, as well as emissions abatement & energy efficiency products. They are reliable, cost-efficient, functional, environmentally compatible, technologically leading, and able to be integrated into solutions or delivered as stand-alone equipment.

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